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Learn Spanish – Basic Sentence Building and Comprehension

Learn how to ask and answer questions in Spanish and carry on intermediate-level conversations in most major areas of life.

Basic Level


  • 489 lessons

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Learn Spanish I – Sentence Building and Conversation

Learn how to ask and answer questions in Spanish and carry on intermediate-level conversations in most major areas of life.

Level I


  • 489 lessons
  • 14 hours of MP3 audio
  • Community Support

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Learn Spanish II – Introductory Verbs

Learn verb conjugations in five major tenses, how to use direct objects in Spanish.

Level II


  • 187 lessons
  • 5 hours of MP3 audio
  • Community Support

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Learn Spanish III – Advanced Verbs

Achieve a complete fluency with advanced Spanish verb conjugations and tenses, speak, read, write, and comprehend Spanish.

Level III


  • 214 lessons
  • 5 hours of MP3 audio
  • Community Support

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Spanish Digital Learning

Boost your vocabulary, master grammar topics and learn Spanish culture, understand native speakers in real-life situations.

Digital Learning Center


  • 650 lessons
  • Lifetime Membership
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Spanish Comprehension

Comprehend Spanish, learn new vocabulary and read in Spanish, understand native speakers on TV and the radio.

Comprehension Trainer


  • 360 Lessons
  • 120 hours of MP3 audio
  • Community Support

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Enjoy Interactive Online Spanish Courses for FREE with the award winning tutorials containing video, audio, grammar, comprehensive topics on Spanish culture, verbs and vocabulary! Learn how to speak Spanish!

Become proficient in Spanish language with the best online courses you can find for free on the Internet. Visual Link offers multiple FREE Spanish courses, which will guide you through learning Spanish language process from the beginner level to advance. Our Visual Link Spanish language courses will help you learn Spanish online and get comprehensive skills in Spanish grammar, enrich your vocabulary, pronunciation, multiple topics on Spanish culture and real-life situations.

FREE Visual Link Spanish Сourse - Level I Conversation

This course serves for those who just start to learn Spanish language and needs intensive introduction to the language. It also will help those who wants strengthen their Spanish language skills on the basic level. Simply by following the course step-by-step you will get comprehensive knowledge in Spanish language and will be able to communicate basic needs in Spanish by obtaining sufficient vocabulary and ask and answer questions. Moving forward in the course you will cover greetings and survival vocabulary in Spanish language. During the course you will learn many useful expressions and will become able to introduce yourself in all occasions, communicate during the travel and in the public places like cafes and restaurants, speak about your family in Spanish language, your hobbies, vacations and daily activities. You will learn how to build correct sentences and use verbs in the appropriate tenses. Visual Link Spanish Course level I will guide you though all the Spanish essentials and provide you with ready start to communicate with other in Spanish and solid base for further Spanish studies.

FREE Visual Link Spanish - Beginning Verbs

In this course you will concentrate on Spanish verbs and verb tenses. With Spanish course interactive lessons you will be guided through reflexive, doing, have, and spine verbs, and also direct objects.

FREE Visual Link Spanish - Verb Conjugation

This FREE Spanish Course develop further topic of verbs. After completing this level you will learn all the nuances about imperfect verbs and their usage, will and would verbs, command form, subjunctive, past subjunctive. Also you will be able to use have all tenses, at the end of the course you will find lessons and quizzes on all the materials you just have learned and the tutorial on learning 163 more Spanish verbs.

FREE Visual Link Spanish - Understanding Spoken Spanish – Level I

In this course you will find various lessons on different topics useful in day-to-day life, including travel situations, dialogs and greetings, various conversations with people of different backgrounds and nationalities. You will learn new words and will start better understand spoken Spanish language, also you will learn how to speak about yourself.

FREE Visual Link Spanish - Understanding Spoken Spanish – Level II

This conversational course continues Spanish studies on more advanced topics and after completing it you will better understand discussions within areas of healthcare, housing, schools, politics, weather, neighbors, cooking, travel, hotels, restaurants etc. You will improve your Spanish skills in listening and speaking.

FREE Visual Link Spanish - Understanding Spoken Spanish – Level III

This is the final FREE Visual Link course which offers Spanish lessons on even higher level. The topics covered in this course will enrich your vocabulary and understanding in the areas like culture, friends, life situations, work, health, nature, geography etc. You will learn Spanish slang and new Spanish words, will train your skills with exciting tutorials and improve your pronunciation.

Other Visual Link Spanish Courses:

These are paid Spanish Course, which Visual Link offers for the most advanced Spanish language students. They are all very good priced and contain advanced topics, which will complete your Spanish study process and allow you to become completely fluent in Spanish language.

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